20 Wild & Crazy Wedding Photos

Today we take a quick break from featuring the real weddings we are normally used to seeing and reflect on one’s that are well, not so normal. Have fun scrolling through the wedding photos below!


Their vows didn’t include “till death do us part.”

I been on shorter trains than this.

They won’t have a problem cutting the cake.

Now that “cake” is a sure way to a man’s heart.

They do say “opposites attract”!

This way she doesn’t have to change between her wedding and the game.

You can have your bride and eat it too.

At least she has the full support of her husband.

I wonder what the children will look like?

It’s about time Peter Pan grew up and got married.

Now this is someone dedicated to getting her workouts in.

They were swept off their feet by love.

Looks like the whole family was able to make it.

Good old “puppy love”.

Talk about “taking your breath away.”

“In sickness and in health…in peace and in war.”

They have love and “the force” on their side.

They obviously look up to Bonnie & Clyde.

Just another day on the farm.

In Japan Hello Kitty is everywhere.

You guess is as good as mine.

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