Now It Begins: A Double Rainbow

MUCH HAS CHANGED SINCE Houston-area newlyweds Miranda Hester and Kimberly Kennedy tied the knot last April, but the novelty of the nomenclature that comes with being married hasn’t worn off in the least. “We both really enjoy being able to say ‘my wife’ when talking to other people,” says Hester. “The word ‘wife’ has so much power, given that Texas wouldn’t have recognized our marriage just a short time ago.”

In fact, the first wedding venue they chose after Hester proposed to Kennedy in 2015 refused the couple’s business. They felt both hurt and discouraged, but soon after discovered Hodge Podge Lodge, a historic B&B and event venue in the city of Montgomery.

Although it was still a few months before the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, the team at Hodge Podge Lodge expressed wholehearted excitement about booking their first LGBT wedding. The brides-to-be also quickly found their wedding photographer, Dawn Brown—they had worked with her previously when the couple appeared as models for an ad in a local LGBT magazine. “She became our go-to resource for all things planning- and vendor-related,” Hester says. “And she quickly became not just our photographer but our friend.”

The wedding itself was everything they’d hoped for. They cherished the opportunity to see everyone they love gathered together in one place at one time. “A highlight was our promise as mothers to our six-year-old daughter,” says Hester. “We formed a circle by holding hands and shared vows with her and presented her with her own necklace to commemorate the day.”

One moment they and their guests will never forget: just as they shared their first kiss as a married couple, a stunning double rainbow lit up the sky above them. 

Since the wedding, the couple has purchased their first house. “Being homeowners has tested us in ways we never could have imagined,” says Hester, who recalls having to install all-new carpeting in their bedroom following an unexpected flood. “But it’s also been very rewarding to know that it is ours.”

“Now that we are married,” she adds, “we go out less, but when we do, it is so much more special.”