25 Creative Ways to Pop the Question

1 – Take her to the place where you first knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her.

2 – Create a personalized fortune cookie for her.  There are all kinds of ways to swap cookies and end up on bended knee with this one.

3 – Send her on a treasure hunt.  Not too long – but leave her love notes along the way and at the end she finds you down on one knee.

4 – At Tiffany’s.  No one really gets this done in real life.  It would be SO great.  You don’t have to buy her the priciest ring in the store but with a little planning you could have a counter set up with only rings in your price range.  It would be amazing.

5 – At the airport on the way to a romantic getaway.  Talk to someone at the airline ahead of time and get some help – they love a reason to get on the PA and get attention.  Plus think about the upgrade possibilities!  (Please wait until you are past security – those TSA people seem to enjoy ruining a good day.)

6 – Ask the hotel to help, they can set up the room in advance for you.  Again, think upgrades!

7 – Flash mob and choreographed lip syncing songs are cool if you have those kind of friends.

8 – Ask her at one of the really cool places you went at the beginning of your relationship.  Where you met or had your first date are always good choices, we love remembering those details and it tells us you have been paying attention.

9 – Make it grand, but don’t make it take too long.  Including a crowd of your friends or family at a party always ups the ante and guarantees crying women if you are trying to get this on video.

10 – Someplace cool that you actually go on occasions will help keep it a surprise.  A Pro game, a winery, seeing your favorite band.

11 – If you both love camping try hiding the ring box in the bottom of your sleeping bag.  Just before you turn out the light complain about something strange being inside your sleeping bag and make a big fuss about getting it out and suddenly produce a ring box.

12 – Pop the question in front of Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom of Disney World.

13 – Dress up as Santa and have a friend convince her to sit in his lap and take a picture.  When Santa gets down on one knee everyone will go nuts!

14 – Accidentally spill some wine,  grab a handy napkin to clean it up and you are right beside her on bended knee before she has a chance to see it coming.

15 – If you’ve planned a romantic getaway to pop the question but you think she’s on to you…  Print out some pictures of ring styles and hand them to her on the plane on the way out of town.  Tell her you’ve been looking at rings and it’s just too big of a decision to make without her help.  She will be very deflated and unhappy so produce the the real thing soon so you can get the romance back on track.

Private Proposals

16 – If you want a private proposal at home but want it to be grand you will need massive amounts of candles.  Trust me, if you think you have enough, double it and add fifty more.  Absurd quantities of flowers and rose petals are a respectable alternative.

17 – In bed, lights out.   See how long she can wait before turning on the lights to see the rock.

18 – Upload a video of your proposal to youtube.  Video her watching the proposal and then you can edit her response into the new video.

19 – If she’s into her horoscope have a special one written that becomes extremely specific and ends with her accepting a marriage proposal in the next 60 seconds.

20 – Have a friend get her out of her house for a few hours while you secretly decorate it for Christmas, tree and all.  Have some Christmas music playing in the background and when she arrives tell her, “all I want for Christmas is you.”  You can do this one any time of the year!

New Year’s Eve Proposals

21 – Champagne is already flowing, you are both dressed up – this is a perfect night to reflect on your year together about good times and bad.  Tell her your only regret is that you didn’t ask her to be your wife sooner.

22 – If you are going to be at a big party for New Year’s Eve, ask the DJ in advance to give you some help.  Have him start one of her favorite songs and set you up with a romantic intro and then hand over the microphone.

23 – At a party with your friends have someone start a list of New Year’s resolutions.  As he’s reading the list of resolutions you drop down on one knee when he gets to you.

24 – As the countdown starts and the crowd gets loud whisper in her ear how much she has changed your life.  When the clock strikes midnight and the crowd goes wild, drop to one knee and hand her the box with a small fancy tag that simply says, “Will You Marry Me?”

25 – If you prefer a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration watching the ball drop on TV, put on your jammies and have a fancy celebration at home.  Pour the champagne and just as the countdown reaches the end… pause the TV and tell her you can’t start the new year until you know you are starting it together, forever.

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