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Hello. We would like to welcome you to Love Wins Texas.

Love Wins Texas is a licensed and certified wedding consultant company. We have a passion to please and a natural talent for designing and coordinating events. With over 26 years of experience in event planning, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to each cherished event. Our goal for each wedding is to make sure your wedding day reflects the timelessness of your love & commitment.

What You Can Expect From Love Wins Texas

We will do all the planning legwork for you, from hiring service providers to negotiating airtight contracts and everything in between (depending on package). We have professional relationships with a wide variety of service providers and will provide you with great
money-saving deals.

We step in as your advocate, conveying your visions and desires to any and all service providers.

We will always stick to your budget and never push you in the direction of things you simply cannot afford.

We will devise a master plan mapping out all the little details, from A to Z (depending on package). If needed, we will consult you on proper wedding etiquette matters.

We will save you from stress during the whole process and especially on the actual day of the wedding.

For the day of the wedding, we will oversee the entire event by supervising service providers and troubleshooting any emergencies, even soothing the nervous bride.

With the assistance of Love Wins Texas, your dream wedding becomes a reality. Whether an elaborate, traditional affair or a more intimate celebration marked by
elegance, your ceremony and/or reception will be an occasion equal to your dreams.

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