Booking your Wedding : Vendors Checklist

Your best allies throughout the whole wedding planning process are your carefully selected list of wedding vendors. More than suppliers, they are your partners in these enjoyable yet quite stressful months before your wedding. They will help ease the planning by providing you with professional advice and suggestions and performing what they do best on the day of your wedding.

On this post, we will provide a partial list of the wedding vendors that most engaged couples book for their wedding. Some are optional, you may omit as necessary and just get what you think is essential for your event.

1. Wedding Venue

There are two venues that you will need for your wedding; the ceremony and the reception. For some, they usually decide to hold the two in one location. It is important to book this early, at least a year or more prior to your wedding date. Base your decision on the convenience, comfort and aesthetics that the venue can provide for your event.

2. Wedding Planner

She will be your best friend for the next few months! She will help you plan the concept, book other wedding vendors, point out the flaws on your ideas, give suggestions based solely from knowledge and years of experience and basically rid you of stress as the big day approaches,

3. Officiant

He or she will be the one who will officiate your ceremony rites and seal your “I do’s”, will either be a pastor, priest, the mayor, etc.

4. Caterer

They will provide for the food, table arrangement, buffet area and basic venue dress up. This is where you coordinate your color motif and theme, attend food tasting and decide on the menu list, and discuss details regarding the event set up.

5. Photographer

One of the major considerations of the bride and groom is whom they will trust to capture the best moments of their wedding. The photos are timeless and the only thing that the couple can look back on years after this day passed.

6. Videographer

Like the photos, engaged couples are also particular with the video outcome of their wedding. Find one that can film your event on a professional manner but will still manage to capture the emotions enfolded on such events.

7. Gown Couturier

A wedding gown is one of the highlights of a wedding. Brides are very specific in looking their best and selecting a flattering dress that they can wear as they walk down the aisle.

8. Suit Tailor

While the bride is on her full radiance, the groom has to look equally dashing as well. A suit maker has to match the groom’s wants and demands in looking his best on his wedding day.

9. Bridal Car

This will be used to transport the bride from her hotel or preparation venue to the ceremony. Afterwards, this will bring the newlyweds to their reception venue and possibly serve as getaway car once the reception ends.

10. Florist

The blooms are on! The florist will make your bridal bouquet and the flowers for the rest of the entourage. You may also hire them to dress up the church or ceremony venue.

11. Event Stylist

If you are planning a theme for the reception you can always hire a professional event designer to create the ambiance you are looking for. Whether it is a rustic backyard theme, Hollywood, Winter Wonderland, etc. an event stylist will surely be able to transform your venue to something extraordinary.

12. Jeweler

Wear a ring made by only the best. Find a ring maker or jeweler that can provide an exquisite piece of work at a rate you can afford.

13. Cake Baker

A wedding reception is never without a cake-cutting tradition. Your cake vendor will make this tradition more picture-perfect with their artistic way of designing the cake and its yummy goodness.

14. Rehearsal Dinner Venue

This will be the venue where you will hold the rehearsal dinner. Like your formal reception venue, also think about the number of guests you will be having and simple venue requirements that you need before booking. Make sure you secure the reservation at least one to two months before the wedding.

15. Stationer/ Calligrapher

The stationer or calligrapher creates the design on your formal wedding invitations. You may also hire them to design your wedding logo, menu cards, place cards, etc.

16. Printer

After the design has been finalized, you can send this to the printing company to be printed out. Make sure that you have proofread the content first and that you have given them a deadline ahead of your schedule just in case they fail to meet it. Another tip is to ask the vendor to print in batches. Ask them to send you the first 25% of the invitations so you still have time to change the content in case you find errors in it.

17. Wedding Souvenirs and Favors

Express your gratitude to your guests for being there on your special day by giving out small tokens of appreciation to each of them. Nowadays, vendors are coming up with more creative wedding favors for engaged couples. From printed glasses, DIY dessert buffets, to photo booths, you name it they got it.

18. Transport Services

Transport services are usually hired by brides and grooms having a destination wedding where all guests will need to be transported from the hotel to the venue. Some couples also avail of cars-for-rent for guests who have flown overseas just to attend their wedding. Transport services may also be used as getaway car after the reception just in case the rented bridal car is no longer available.

19. Professional Event Host

Most engaged couples opt to ask close friends to host their reception dinner just because friends know them more so rapport is already established. But based on experience, it is still best to hire a professional. (1) Because they know how to run a reception program, (2) they are natural entertainers and can communicate well with the audience, and (3) they are conscious of the time so your program will not be dragging and won’t consume most of the rented hours for the venue.

20. Fascinators and Accessories

From the bridal hairpiece to the fascinators of your female entourage, make sure everything goes in style and matches your wedding theme.

21. Mobile Lights and Sound Systems

Some venues only provide basic lighting and sound systems. If you intend to dance and party the night away with your guests then be sure to hire a professional lighting and sound vendor.

22. DJ and Musicians

Heighten the celebration’s ambiance with live music. Make the crowd stand up and enjoy the dance floor.

23. Cocktail Bars, Wine and Liquors

For brides and grooms who know what a real party is, cocktail and wine bars are a must have at the reception dinner. It is also one area that your guests will really enjoy since most have skilled bartenders to entertain the crowd.

24. Bridal Registry

Either a website or a retail store, this helps the bride and the groom communicate their gift preference to their guests.

25. Shoes

Find a shoe that will provide you comfort and style on your wedding day. Buy it at least two weeks to one month before your wedding day and make sure to break it in several times before the big day.

26. Salon and Spa

Any bride would want to rid themselves off the stress of the wedding at least a week before their wedding. Just to make sure you do, book yourself an appointment for a full beauty treatment ahead and appear relaxed and glowing on your wedding day.

27. Hair and Make up

They will make you look your best on the most important day of your life. Before booking them on your big day, hire them to do your look prior to your wedding to see if they deliver the look you want on your special day.

28. Honeymoon

You might want to plan this ahead as well. Discuss when and where you want to go and book all the necessary vendors (travel agencies, hotel, etc.)

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