Bride Speech Writing Guide

How To Write A Bride’s Wedding Speech

Well, most brides are never short of a word of too and it’s becoming increasingly common for brides to say a few words during the wedding speech. Well, why not? It’s your big day after all.

But before you grab the microphone and spare a thought for your guests, there’s nothing worse than hearing someone start rambling too much as they haven’t really thought about what they want to say. Be prepared and plan what you want to say.

Bride and Prejudice

Pre-plan your speech, even if you don’t want to write out a complete speech, make notes onto cue cards in a clear order so your words flow. Starting with your thank yous and ending with words about your new husband. That way you can be sure you don’t miss anyone out.

Stand By Your Man

It goes without saying that the best man will be looking forward to the comedic character assassination he’s about to launch on your man. So why not score a few early points for ‘Team Wedded Bliss’ and get a few jokes in to tease him first? We have hundreds of bride jokes written by our team of professional comedy writers aimed at the best man, father of the bride, and even the groom (all in good taste… well mostly).

And the Oscar goes to…

It is a hugely emotional day, tears will, and indeed should be shed. Tears of joy and tears as older wedding members think back to the young girl you once were and the beautiful woman you’ve become. Or there might just be tears from the groom’s friends as they lose another drinking buddy. But whatever you don’t go full Gwyneth. If you should shed a tear it’s fine but try to take deep breaths and speak clearly so everyone can hear your words (deep breaths aren’t just an old wives tale, actors use breathing exercises to help control nerves or emotions as it lowers the heart rate which in turn suppresses the adrenaline in your system causing anxiety.

Get a Little Help

The Groom, Father of the Bride, and Best Man have all spent weeks getting their speeches just right but then they don’t have the same worries about shoes, flowers, catering, hair, make-up, and just about every other tiny detail to worry about. Finding time to write a speech as well can be a tough ask. After a number of inquiries from brides for help, we created a complete, easy-to-use online system to help the bride’s write seamless, heartfelt, and funny wedding speeches.

You’ll find a database of gags, icebreakers, quotes, and thanks you’s to give your speech a lift and provide those touching moments to convey how you’re feeling on your special day.

“I know it’s not really traditional for a bride to make a speech at her wedding, let alone before the groom but anyone who knows me knows how hard it can be to keep me quiet and today is no exception. However, I promise to try and keep it short as I know the day is full of speeches and I’m also quite keen to see my Dad on the dance floor.”

“Today I also gain another set of parents, Tricia and Simon. From the day I met you I felt welcomed and accepted. I am very lucky to have such great in-laws. Thank you for raising my new husband so well and rest assured I will look after and love him just as well. But am I right in thinking there’s no warranty card for him? No? Just a thought.”

If you are worried you’ll find yourself lost for words on your big day but some simple preparation will make all the difference to ensure you say everything you need to in a short space of time.

Our professional writers have written jokes and scripts for TV, stage, and radio, whether you want a couple of funny lines to put the best man in his place before he starts verbally assassinating your new husband or whether you want to make a few little jokes of your own about your main man or even warn everyone about your dad’s dancing before he causes damage on the dancefloor you’ll find a wealth of funny lines, jokes, romantic quotes and words of praise and thanks to everyone who has played a part in the story of your wedding and life together.

There is a protocol to the wedding speech proceedings but it’s your party and some rules were made to be broken. However, if you are wondering about what is normally considered to be the correct formal wedding etiquette the standard sequence is;

Father of the Bride

He’ll thank the guests for being part of the big day, welcome the groom’s family and speak about the happy couple. Traditionally end his speech by toasting the bride and groom.

Sometimes the Father of the bride’s speech can run on a little long, but it’s not every day a father gets to see his little girl become a married woman. If he is worried about his speech we have a FotB speech system to help him find the perfect words for the big day.

His speech duties are to thank the bridesmaids and groomsmen and present them with gifts. Give a special mention to both the bride and groom’s mothers with a presentation of flowers.

A wise groom will also use this chance to get some shots in at his best man before his so-called “best friend” starts a comedy roast in front of his closest friends and family. If your groom needs a helping hand you can send him to the Groom’s Speech

The Best Man

The best man’s speech is considered the ‘main act’ providing most of the laughs. He’ll also thank the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and relay any messages from those that couldn’t attend.

Often the best man’s speech is a thinly veiled attempt to get in as many laughs at the groom’s expense as possible. If you’re worried about his speech or know he is a nervous speaker he can get a professional speech makeover and speaking tips at Best Man’s Speech

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