Essential Southern Wedding Traditions

A wedding in the South is a big deal, full of old traditions, strict etiquette and phenomenal food.  They are often a long weekend affair, with large wedding parties and formal ceremonies.

Tradition is the most important rule to follow when planning a truly southern wedding.  Keep in mind personal traditions and customs that are unique to your family.  A monogrammed handkerchief from your grandmother can be wrapped around your bouquet.  Your mom’s vintage veil can be paired with a new wedding gown.

The wedding ceremony is usually a formal religious service in a church.  The bride is always given away by her Daddy, or the her closest living male family member.  Her shoulders are covered in the church and corsages will be presented to mom’s and grandmothers. The wedding ceremony is one of the seven sacraments in the bible, so it has a wealth of scripture and music to used in a long, beautiful ceremony.

The formal ceremony is followed by a slightly more casual reception at a large venue, often outdoors.  This is where the more playful traditions are on display like the mason jars, mint juleps, fresh cut daisies and outrageously delicious foods.

Women in the south are extremely proud of their baking and often include an additional reception dessert homemade by a grandmother or aunt, in addition to the wedding cake.  For example, a table full of pecan pies or even the all important and uniquely southern groom’s cake.  Often, the wedding favors are a homemade treat from a member of the family.

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