Finding a Texas Wedding Cake Decorator

Brides planning the wedding of their dreams have many different things on their to-do lists, not the least of which is finding someone to provide their wedding cake.  A wedding cake is an important part of every wedding or reception.  Not only does it provide the opportunity for the bride and groom to share a sweet moment together as they cut their cake, but it also provides the perfect dessert for guests.  A bride can spend a lot of time finding the right person to make this all-too important confection.

One obvious way to find a wedding cake decorator is to look through the advertisements found in bridal magazines.  The bakeries listed in these publications usually specialize in wedding cakes, so brides can be confident that they will get the benefit of having a professional take care of their cake.  However, brides should also know that advertising rates in these types of magazines can be pretty steep.  Odds are that only the most affluent cake decorators will be found in the pages of these glossy magazines.

Another way to quickly meet several wedding cake decorators is to attend a bridal fair.  Bridal fairs allow brides to preview the services of all types of wedding vendors including cake decorators.  Prospective customers are invited to taste cake samples, browse through photo albums of the decorators’ cakes, and to gather information about pricing.  Often times, brides even get to meet the cake decorator in person.  In a few hours’ time, brides can narrow their decision about choosing a cake decorator to two or three final options.

The internet can also be a powerful research tool when looking for a wedding cake decorator.  Popular websites like and offer advice about choosing a wedding cake professional and list professionals within a regional search.  Visitors to these sites can find their way to many wedding cake decorators with a few clicks of a mouse.

Sometimes, however, despite all of the research in the world, referrals from others provide the best leads to a wedding cake decorator.  Former brides are often happy to share the name of their cake decorator.  In addition, other wedding vendors are willing to share the names of professional cake decorators they’ve worked with in the past.  Florists who have designed cake toppers will know which cake decorators were best able to show off their arrangements.  Caterers have also usually seen more than their fair share of cake decorators’ works.  Brides should never hesitate to ask others about their experience with cake decorators.

Brides on a tighter budget may find that they can find the wedding cake of their dreams in the most unlikely of places:  the grocery store.  Many full-service grocery stores include a bakery department that offers cake decorating services.  In addition, many stores’ deli departments feature catering services.  A bride could find an affordable way to cater her wedding reception and order her wedding cake all at once.

Finding a wedding cake decorator can be a little intimidating for any bride.  Many don’t know where to start their searches.  However, by doing a little research, asking lots of questions, and being prepared to consider all of her options, a bride can quickly find the perfect cake for her big day.

Selecting Wedding Cake Flavors

Certainly, any choices of wedding cake flavors on which you decide will be flavors that are favorites of both you and your soon to be spouse, but the wedding cake is a centerpiece of your wedding, and the flavors used in its creation should be enjoyed by as many people as possible. For instance, if you are inviting guests with their children you should not be selecting liqueur flavors, or a cake laced with rum.

Buttercream frostings are a traditional topping for wedding cakes that are typically used in many frostings of birthday and holiday cakes purchased in local bakeries and stores, but you may want to veer from the traditional to make your wedding cake unique. In more recent times, the wedding cake has evolved from the traditional, white cake with white frosting to more interesting flavors. Depending on what area of the world you are from will play a large role in your choice of flavors as with any food at your wedding reception. The marzipan flavor of European taste may not be the choice of an American couple who might be more inclined to a cheesecake flavor that is more popular in the states, as an example.

No matter what wedding cake flavors you select, it’s important to know what the cake will taste like, especially if more than one or two flavors are being blended in the cake. It is wise to ask for a sample before placing your order. Wedding cake bakers who are vendors at bridal fairs will often offer samples, so check in your area to see whether there are bridal fairs you can attend where there will be wedding cake sampling. Also, you may be attracted by the looks of a display cake. Be sure to ask what kind of frosting that entails because some of the more elegant looking cakes have a hard frosting lending them a sheen that makes them look very elegant, but they aren’t necessarily the most delicious frostings. They tend to be the fondant frostings that were the more traditional frostings of decades past.

Many people take the season into consideration when designing their cakes and their flavors. If you’re choosing a fruit filled cake, with fresh fruit filling, you do want to be sure that the fruit is in season. The ingredients are what will make your cake the best tasting it can be so if you are shopping for cakes and find that there is a great disparity in price of the same type of cake, know that there may be some skimping on finer ingredients in the less expensive cake, and know that will be reflected in the quality, flavor and overall taste of the cake.

You have a lot to consider when deciding, including the icing, the filling, and the cake itself. The wedding cake flavors, including chocolate wedding cakes, upon which you decide are as much a reflection of the bride and groom as their attire and that of their attendants, so choose your flavors wisely.

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