Finding your Vegan Cinderella Slipper

Is your wedding day just around the corner? Feeling like you don’t have enough time between now and your special day? We understand that it can sometimes get stressful especially when it comes to choosing the right dress and shoes.

It used to be even more difficult if the bride was vegan and only wanted to purchase shoes and clothes made with ethical consideration behind them. Fear not as this is no longer a problem. Vegetarian and vegan wedding shoes don’t need to be bland. Currently, there are so many gorgeous vegan shoes on offer that will absolutely blow your mind. We have provided you with a list of three pairs of vegan shoes that will definitely grab your attention.

Arianna Cherry Blossom Barefoot Sandals

Via Elegant Steps

Via Elegant Steps

Are you and your fiancé planning on having a beach wedding surrounded by your closest friends and family? Then this pair of sandals will be just perfect for the occasion. You will find this pair being very easy to wear whilst being on the beach but at the same time, it will look glamorous enough for the special day.

These gorgeous lightweight barefoot sandals come in silver and gold. Go for the color that suits your dress and accessories better. The pretty cherry blossom design are made using pearl and crystal flowers.

The main body of the sandal is wired, whilst the heel and toe loops are elasticated, ensuring that one size fits all. The toe and heel loops can be removed so the main part of the sandal can be attached to any of your flip-flops. Isn’t this just handy? Brides only tend to wear their wedding shoes only once in their lifetime whilst you will be able to wear yours forever. This pair retails at £145. If you are looking for something similar, search barefoot sandals on Etsy for tons of homemade designs.

You can dress up this look with a pedicure, like the one pictured. French pedicures add some glam to your look, but some color could be just as fun.

Portia – Nude Floral Print

Following a very high demand for vegan shoes, shoemaker Beyond Skin has launched a collection including bridal pumps, wedges, flats and sandals.

Image result for Portia – Nude Floral Print shoes

One of the most gorgeous items from the collection is the “Portia”. Portia was ethically handmade in Spain using Italian faux patent, snakeskin and suede leathers. That’s right- they are 100% vegan! The shoe was then embellished with metallic accents. Most brides will agree that this is a feminine and romantic shoe.

Vegan brides-to-be just received a major expansion of footwear options. Due to popular demand, cruelty-free shoemaker Beyond Skin has launched a collection of matrimony-ready pumps, wedges, flats, and sandals. Above, the “Portia,” which retails at £125. Ethically handmade in Spain using Italian faux patent, snakeskin, and suede leathers, and embellished with metallic accents, the Art Deco-inspired range is “feminine and romantic with a modern twist,” according to designer Heather Whittle, who co-founded the label with Natalie Dean in 2001.

Due to the fact that the block heel is approximately 10 centimeters high, it will help you feel very feminine and will also make your legs and butt appear slimmer. Even though the shoes are high the insole is padded and flexible for your extra comfort. This pair currently retails at £125.

Karina – Nude Suede Wedges

Are you looking for something slightly different? Perhaps you are not a big fan of high heels? We have a good alternative for you. These beautiful mid heel wedges “Karina” will still give you the high heel effect and at the same time will allow you to feel comfortable during your special day.

Karina Nude Suede W/ Metalic

We appreciate that it is essential for you to be able to wear the shoes all day long, walking about, dancing and enjoying yourself. This pair has been designed just for you to meet your needs and leave you satisfied. This pair has a lovely vintage snake detail on front and back of the shoe, making it look very chic.

The “Karina” was handmade in Spain, using Italian cream recycled faux suede and Vintage snake detail in metallic faux leather. It is 100% non-leather so that you can comfortably wear the pair without worrying about the ethical side of the shoe production. Even though the wedge is 7 centimeters high you won’t feel like it is too high. Firstly because it is a wedge and secondly because the shoe has been packed with padded and flexible insoles for your comfort. This pair is retailed at £89.

These vegan shoes are great for any wedding. All you need to do now is get searching for your perfect pair. We are certain you will find a pair that will be comfortable and one you will absolutely love. Vegan shoes are the way to go, buying them won’t only make you feel better about yourself but they will also be a great investment.

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