For Richer, For Poorer: Debt Relief and the Modern Wedding

The happiest day of your life needn’t also be the most expensive, but all too many Americans start down the matrimonial road already shackled with tens of thousands of dollars in wedding costs which they won’t soon be able to repay.  Unfortunately, social customs within the United States have so loosened that fathers of the bride no longer feel anywhere near the same responsibility to subsidize the costs of their daughter’s wedding even as a not so small wedding industry has sprouted up to drain every last cent from what should be a ceremonial celebration of undying romance.  While one cannot yet buy true love, the surrounding betrothal arrives with a steep price tag.

In order for young couples to not start their honeymoon beset by thoughts of debt relief there are some easy steps to consider that may allow the bride the wedding of her dreams without also emptying the soon to be joint bank accounts.  Wedding rings themselves are certainly no place to skimp, but the old mark of spending three quarters of the groom’s annual salary upon an enviable rock needn’t be slavishly followed this day and age.  A simple platinum band expertly fitted with a tasteful yet affordable stone could provide a symbolic start upon which grander gems may be added through the years as the couple prospers.  Also, most jewelers feature their own financing at reasonable interest rates far below the increasing APRs to be threatened from wedding rings purchased as a part of credit card debt accounts.

Furthermore, in efforts to avoid later debt relief solutions, look to the resources of even your cash poor loved ones to see what friends and family would be most eager to provide on the blessed day.  Surely someone that you or you future spouse cherish has access to a picturesque and suitably expansive backyard that could save thousands from the ultimate cost while also removing much of the formal artificiality that comes from planning the affair at a remote spot you would never again visit.  Even selecting a particularly beautiful woodland site or beach adjacent hilltop could be both suitable and endlessly romantic for ceremony and reception.

If members of the wedding party are known for their skills in music, food, photography, or clothing design, we guarantee that they would be delighted to utilize them for free in the service of such an event.  The purpose of a wedding, after all, should largely be to share the magic of your love with the most important people in your lives, and allowing them to help – even without mentioning the necessity of restraining costs so as to evade later debt relief – may well be considered a kindness. To that end, you must also not feel any obligation to invite the most distant relations or acquaintances merely because some daft couples still believe that bigger is better when it comes to weddings.  What’s important is crafting memories to last a lifetime, and the most profound remembrances are hardly the most expensive.

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