Got engaged during the holidays?

According to a survey conducted by The Knot, December is the most popular month of the year to get engaged! So if you’re one of them, with all the excitement you’ve probably started thinking about when, where, and how you will get married. Or you’ve decided to just sit back and enjoy being engaged for a while. There’s no need to plan out every single detail right from the start (unless you are planning to get married within the next 6 months!). Some couples decide to have a short engagement and some decide to have a really long one.I usually recommend planning a wedding 9-12 months out. That way you aren’t rushed with the process, you don’t get overwhelmed, and you aren’t in a position of having to make any rash decisions.Planning way in advance also means that you will have more venue and vendor options. Some popular venues really do book out one year in advance!

Here are some key elements you will want to start thinking about

(when you’re ready to start the planning):
  • Do you want an entirely vegan wedding
  • Total wedding budget
  • Wedding date (time of year, day of the week, morning/midday/evening)
  • Location (close to home, destination)
  • Wedding Venue (outdoors, indoors, beach, church)
  • Who will you invite / size of your wedding (more intimate vs. all your friends and family)
  • Your priorities (you care more about spending lots of money on food than hiring a videographer)
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If you’ve decided to plan an all vegan wedding, the most important consideration for you to factor in is the venue. Some wedding venues will not allow you to bring in your own caterer. This means that you have to work with one of their “approved vendors”.If that’s the case, you will want to make sure that they can cater to your needs before booking the venue. If you want the food to be one of the highlights, I highly recommend scheduling testing to make sure the food is up to par with your expectations.If you aren’t impressed with the venue’s “approved vendors” sometimes you can pay the venue an additional fee to bring in your own. These will all be important things to discuss with the venue manager while you’re conducting the site visit. If you don’t like what you hear or feel like there could be some issues, listen to your gut and find another venue that will better suit your needs.I wish you the very best in the wedding planning process! Try to enjoy it as much as possible even though some periods might seem overwhelming. Just take it one day at a time, and never lose sight of what’s really important.

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