The Next Big Decision: Where to Live in Married Bliss?

You’ve survived the stresses of planning a wedding and getting down the aisle, you’ve enjoyed the bliss and romance of a honeymoon and now you’re overwhelmed with the excitement of officially beginning a new life together.  You’re finally entering into this new, fairytale life of being a newlywed.

Congratulations! Now, enters the real world.

One of the most important and least discussed details of newlywed life is determining the location where you and your lawfully wedded spouse will nurture your marriage.  As newlyweds, there are numerous questions to ask before embarking on this quest for the perfect home.  Are you and your husband in the market to purchase a home? Or, is renting a home something with which the two of you are more comfortable?  Renovation is also a very common move among newlyweds.  Many couples choose renovation so that they can make their new home their “own” without the stress of a huge financial purchase.

Though there are many options to choose from, finding or creating the perfect home for you and your spouse can be stressful and is important.  So, before you throw yourselves into the excitement, be sure to ask yourself some of these questions:

  1. Do you want to buy a new home or redecorate one of your existing living spaces?
  2. Whose apartment do you redecorate?
  3. Can you afford to purchase a new home, or is renting your better option?
  4. Is proximity to family important to you or your spouse?
  5. Career! Is the commute doable?
  6. Children – Now or in the future? Are you in a nice neighborhood with a good school system?

Even under the best of circumstances finding a home is one of the top-five stress producers. Now try adding on the combination of two households and your moving into the top-three!

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