4 Ways Planning Your Texas Wedding is Preparing You For Marriage

While planning your wedding, you and your partner will inevitably encounter obstacles and maybe even disagree on how to overcome them. Don’t worry. You’re not the only couple in wedding-planning history to argue during this high-stress time. Just remember, what you’re going through now is preparing you for marriage. Here are 4 ways that stressful wedding planning is actually helping you in the long run.


Whether you and your fiancé have been together a while already or you are embarking on this journey soon after meeting, wedding planning will put you through a test patience. Remember you might not be the only person who’s been dreaming of this day for a lifetime. Most brides and grooms alike have their own ideas of how the day will go down. Aside from each otter, there will also be many other people involved in the process with their own ideas. Listen to what people have in mind and be patient with them. This is a lesson to embrace not only between you and your fiancé but with in-laws and family members too.


While you’re patiently listening and taking in what others envision for the big day, figure out what you’re willing to compromise on. This is a big one because wedding planning is definitely only the beginning when it comes to compromising in a relationship. Learn how to meet your partner in the middle and to sacrifice some of your wants for the needs of the two of you as a unit.


Negotiation can sometimes sound like a negative thing or more of a job quality than a marriage skill. Trust me, it’ll come in handy when you’re chatting with vendors over price and logistics. How about negotiating with fellow wedding planners- i.e. mom, dad, or your in-laws? Learning how to navigate these waters early on will make for a happier relationship down the road when you’re married. Remember, this is your family.


Budgeting is actually a huge thing when it comes to marriage and the planning of your wedding is probably the first real budgeting project you’ll encounter. Sit down together to figure out how much you see your wedding costing you. If you’re paying for your own celebration, this is a much bigger project than if your parents are helping you. Even if you are receiving help for wedding costs, budget out gifts for parents and your bridal party. These will usually fall on your shoulders. And remember all your other wedding-planning-skills will come in handy when you’re in the middle of this one.

Once your wedding is over, you’ll have a great foundation for marriage. Planning a wedding is no easy feat and when you come out on the other side your relationship will be stronger for all the work you put in. And when you’re feeling stressed, just remember it’s a celebration! Have fun!

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