Pretty DIY Bow Head Band

Morning! How is your week going so far?

I’m really thankful that blogging has given me an outlet for all my creative ideas. I can’t even remember what is was like not to be making things every week or planning a new project. Nowadays I look at things so differently… mainly to try and assess how they are made so I can have a go myself! Does anyone else do this?

Anyway, a little DIY accessory I made for myself last week… do you like?

To make this you will need… a plain headband, a mini glue gun and a square of fabric approximately 12cm / 5 inches.

First I cut off a 1.5 inch strip of the fabric and set it aside. With my larger piece of fabric  I then folded the edges to meet in the middle and secured with a little glue…

Then I folded the other ends over (gluing down again) and making sure all the corners or loose fabric were glued down…

Don’t worry about this side as it will be hidden anyway! To form the bow just pinch together the folded rectangle in the center then wrap your other strip of fabric around the center, pulling it tight and gluing it all in place.

Now you can wrap and glue it to your headband (slightly on one side) then just snipping off any spare fabric to finish…

It’s a cute little accessory to wear every day and costs barely anything to make. In fact, my square of fabric was actually a jam jar cover… ssh!

Have a lovely day.

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