Rules of Engagement: The Do’s and Don’ts before you Pop the Question

If you’re thinking about popping the question soon, maybe even New Year’s Eve, do yourself a favor and read through the “rules of engagement.”  No matter how beautiful the ring, people are always going to ask…  “How did he do it?”  and  “Was it a surprise?”  Looking for some ideas for new ways to pop the question?  You need to put some thought into your proposal because there are some very specific do’s and don’ts.  It’s not about how much money you spend…  It’s about how much time you put into planning it.Mississippi-wedding-proposal-ideas-pop-the-question-marriage-proposal

3 Critical Rules:
1 – Ask her dad.  In person if at all possible.
2 –
 Get down on one knee.  This is necessary for two reasons:  First, this is what triggers our tear reflex.  Seriously – I can’t explain it.  Second, her girlfriends are going to ask if you did and they will feel the need to console her if you didn’t.
3 – Make it a surprise.  You can do it.

Here is a list of simple Do’s and Don’ts:

– Ask her dad
– Get down on one knee
– Make it a surprise
– Involve champagne, candles and/or roses.  More is better.  If you think you have enough candles, double it and add 50.
– Rose petals are also acceptable.  They are not cheesy during a marriage proposal.
– Plan it.  You will be judged by your fiance’ (hopefully) and all of your friends, forever for the amount of forethought you demonstrate.

– Ask her on her birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  Big no-no!
– Ask her when she’s looking scrubby or wearing a bikini if you are videoing.
– Put it in a cake.  The icing gets all stuck in the diamond.
– Fake an accident  (there was that guy who faked a skydiving accident – I would have said, “NO, you are a sadistic crazy person!”)
– Don’t start a fight the day of.  Getting engaged is stressful, you will be acting like a moron all day because you’re nervous and she will be irritated with you.  Just say you’re sorry for anything and everything all day.
– Ask her any way other than in person.  Not on the radio, not on the internet, not in a note, not in a video.  SAY IT.
– Don’t give her an empty box so she can pick it out later.  If she wants to pick it out herself – she will have already told you.  If she didn’t make it 100% clear what she wants in a ring then do her a solid and get her the biggest solitaire your wallet can afford.  No gold, no little decorative diamonds, nothing pear shaped.  This is not the time to show her you are original and creative.

When picking out the ring…  you will narrow it down to two rings at the end.  One will be a higher quality diamond but slightly smaller karat.  The other will be slightly larger but of less quality (says the jeweler).  Go Big!  Both rings are amazing and expensive.  Go for the big one!

FYI, if you are already planning your wedding and even know the venue or date you are getting married…  you are already engaged.  You can pretend to pop the question for appearances sake but basically you blew it.

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