The Rustic Texas Wedding

Strapped for cash this Summer?

This Summer shows the turn of the budget wedding. Every bride want to have that one amazing special day, but does it really need to break your bank?

Living in the Texas Hill Country, we are surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside, prime woodland areas and fabulous rustic wedding destinations. We have perfect wedding spots all around us, and they are free! This is maybe for the little more free spirited, but it can be for anyone with that little bit of imagination.

great way of creating atmosphere when outdoor is to use lighting over head, these picture demonstrate how fairy lights can be used effectively. This is an inexpensive way to make your space feel romantic. Another good trick i have seen is the use of paper lanterns hung at different levels to create beautiful atmospheric lighting. the use of hay in the middle pictures shows how you have create a snug without spending fortunes. The key is DIY.

Another great way of saving money but still sticking to the rustic theme, is to make your own wedding favors (or ask your head brides maid to help you out hehe), these beautiful wedding favors are a great examples of what can be created. making something edible and simple is a great way to keep your guest and their children going throughout the wedding day.


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