Stationery Money Saving Tip: Size Matters

Most everyone is on some sort of budget these days, and when it comes to wedding planning that is less the exception and more the rule. If you’ve got the time and conviction, doing it yourself works wonders for a lot of this. And with regards to your invitations, programs, menus etc., here are three simple tips and tricks to help you stretch your dollar, while still making an impact on paper. The name of the game: size really does matter!

(photo credit: la vida creations photography)

1. Know Your Paper… and Optimize

Whether you’re printing everything yourself, or taking it down to your local print shop, do your research and find out what the standard sizes of available paper are. How does your creation fit on that sheet?  How about your printer – what’s the optimal size sheet that will fit? If your inkjet can only accommodate a standard letter-size (8.5″x11″) sheet, and your card is 6″x6″ square, your pretty much doomed to yielding a single card per sheet of paper (and wasting a ton in the process). On the other hand, if you trimmed things down slightly to 5.5″x5.5″ square, suddenly you’re printing twice as many cards on half the number of sheets! And the simple math adds up for you: less paper = lower cost.

2. Smaller Never Hurt

We are all familiar with the standard A7 card size (5″x7″) for invitations and announcements. The dimensions work perfectly for the tidbit we went over in #1, but what if you’re still over budget?  Bigger may be better for some things, but in this case going the opposite direction could work in your favor. By using something slightly smaller, you can finagle a few more $$ out of the process. The same theory applies in optimizing each sheet of paper — smaller dimensions allow you to yield more items per sheet. But in addition to that, smaller envelopes cost less too. Again, let’s look at the math: smaller envelopes = less paper (for the manufacturer anyway) = lower cost for you.

3. Speaking of Envelopes…

Unique shapes and sizes are always fun, and they definitely make an impact on your guests. But being aware of available envelope sizes will also help you save money and time in the long run.. that and your local postal workers won’t have a fit when they see you coming. The consequence of NOT designing your custom creation to fit one of these standard sizes is creating your own instead. And amidst the rest of your wedding planning, the last thing you want to do is fold your own envelopes. Additionally, when it comes time to MAIL everything, the post office has their own set of guidelines governing what is and isn’t acceptable. If what your sending can’t zip through their normal process, it will require an extra step, which usually also means extra postage, OR even worse – it may get rejected all together!

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