The Wedding Day Survival Kit

You’ve planned for months (for some, even years).  You’ve searched for the perfect dress, flowers, venue, and menu.  Every intricate detail is planned to perfection.

However, not even the most painstakingly planned wedding day is safe from disaster.  Headaches or queasy stomachs caused by nerves, a chipped nail, mascara smears, a lost limousine driver.  Any number of things has the possibility to put a damper on your perfect day.

photo via Daily World Buzz

The good news?  All of these snafus can easily be avoided with the help of a wedding day survival kit.  Here are a few items you might want to consider including in yours:

  • Toothpaste, floss, a toothbrush, and breath mints
  • A small sewing kit
  • Hand lotion, hairspray, bobby pins, deodorant, makeup, and a compact mirror
  • Spare earring backs
  • Granola bars, crackers, or hard candy
  • A list of contact numbers for all members of the bridal party and each vendor
  • Directions to the church, picture site, and reception venue

And, for those that don’t have the time to put their own survival kit together, there are companies that can make one for you, for example, Mr. and Mrs. offers a variety of fully-stocked kits to help your wedding day go as smoothly as you planned.

Don’t let a tiny snag ruin on your special day.  A well-stocked survival kit has the potential to help you avoid any emergency the day may throw your way.  After all, you spent all of that time planning it, why shouldn’t it be as perfect as you’d envisioned?

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