5 Ways to Green your Stationery

A wedding is the most expensive event that many people face during their lifetimes. For those with an interest in the environment and sustainability, however, the cost of items that will only be used for one day, albeit an important one, can sit uncomfortably.

In the past, the only choice when looking to arrange a green or low environmental impact wedding was often to go without particular products, such as wedding stationery, as there was a lack of viable alternatives on the market. In recent years, however, there has been significant growth in eco-friendly wedding stationery. As a result, it is now possible to use green wedding stationery without compromising on design or style.

There are a number of different things to look for when seeking to establish the eco-credentials of wedding stationery:

1. Recycled Paper

One of the most important is the source of the paper or card that is being used. Recycled paper has come a long way from the coarse papers of a few years ago. An alternative to the recycled card is a card made from trees grown in sustainable forests. FSC certification gives an independent check that all stages of the production process have complied with internationally recognized forest stewardship standards.

2. Alternative Papers

There are a number of other innovative cards and papers available that have ethical and environmental concerns at the forefront. These include saa paper which originates from the mulberry tree, or seeded paper, which can then be planted by your guests.

3. Eco Inks

There have also been developments in printing techniques resulting in eco alternatives being available. Soy ink is more environmentally friendly than the traditional petroleum ink as it more easily removed from paper during the recycling process and less is required for greater depth of color than traditional inks.

4. Charitable Papers

The increase in environmental considerations has led to a growth in wedding cards made using techniques that support traditional forms of craftsmanship and where proceeds support community projects, such as schools and orphanages in the developing world. Such cards can be a great way of providing meaningful support to areas and communities that will benefit significantly from investment.

5. Go Paperless Online

Consider sending your save-the-dates and invitations for the rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding parties online through something like Hallmark. Couples are even starting to send their wedding invitations online. Its paper-free and collecting the RSVPs is easier.

No matter what you choose, any steps you can take towards greening your paper and ink choices will make the earth happier.

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