Texas Wedding Flowers : Ranunculus

Pretty, pretty ranunculus. One of my favorite Springtime flowers.

This full petaled beauty is a hardy flower if treated well. Remove all the leaves below water level as they are toxic. Change the water daily to keep the blooms fresh and perky. There is usually one large bloom per stem, but many buds grow up alongside it. These will continue to bloom, so cut them cleanly away from the main stem and place them in cool water.

Ranunculus are most commonly found in white and yellows, but also include red, pink, orange, coral and an incredible green.

Ranunculus look great as a single flower vase arrangement or can be accompanied with other lovely spring blossoms.

Orange ranunculus with yellow and green centers tucked among dahlia, gerbera, mums and orchids

Aisle Cone arrangements, orange ranunculus with green centers

Soft and hot pink, and white ranunculus among peonies and maidenhair fern.

white ranunculus tucked among garden roses, Kermit mums, orchids and hypericum berry

red ranunculus tucked among purples and yellows.

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