Texas Wedding Flowers : Sweet Peas

Wonderful springy sweet peas! They live up to their name with their sweet fragrance and delicate blooms. Sweet peas are a climbing flower and can grow up to six feet long. However, when found in the flower market are usually cut from 6-12 inches long. Every once in a while you can get them with long stems, which usually have flower tendrils and leaves attached as well. A great accent to any spring arrangement or floral bouquet.

Sweet peas are generally pink or purple, varying from light pink to deep plum purple. They also come in reds and whites.

Sweet peas are beautiful cut and placed simply in a single stem vase. If you change out the water and remove any shriveled blooms they last quite a while. Make sure that any limp or slimy stem is removed from the rest of the group as they tend to become toxic to the remaining blossoms.

Sweet peas are a wonderful flower to add to bridal bouquets. The ruffled edge adds light, romance and gaiety to any floral combination.

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