Texas Wedding Flowers : Tulips

April showers, bring May flowers! Spring is definitely here!

One of my favorite perennial bulbs is the gorgeous tulip! There are so many varieties of color and textures, size and length of tulips. Tulips come in every color but true blue.

There are many varieties of tulips as well. The “traditional” tulip, with a round head and 3-6 petals

The “French” tulip, with a long oval-shaped head and longer stem

The “Parrot” tulip with ruffled edges

and the “Double” tulip with multiple layered petals.

Tulips love the light. In fact, when laid flat in a box, the stems with literally bend upward toward the light. You may notice that when you place tulips in a vase or arrangement they move, and never keep the same shape. That’s because they are light lovers and will always find the sun.

Tulips are also one of the few flowers that continue to grow even after they have been cut. When designing mixed bridal bouquets I always need to be conscious to bury the tulips a bit lower in the group so they can grow up to “meet” the rest of the flowers the next day. Otherwise, I get this look (which turns out Kyrstie loved!

Tulips make a beautiful bouquet on their own and can be matched up with other spring blossoms just as beautifully. Nothing quite says spring like a tulip!

Parrot tulips mixed with succulents

A mixed French and Parrot tulip bouquet, single hue with lots of fun texture

Simple and classic white tulip bouquet

Simple pink tulip bouquet for bridesmaids

Gorgeous peonies and double tulips combined to make this striking bouquet

A clutch of orange tulips with calla lilies

Beautifully textured with parrot and double tulips

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