Wedding Gift Etiquette Rules for Bride, Groom & Guests

There are some wedding gift etiquette guidelines to follow, as a wedding also means gifts. Couples usually go to a store and open a wedding registry, where guests can go and choose one of the items as a gift and send it to the happy couple. This is usually the easiest way of choosing a gift. Others will rely on word of mouth or a website. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a few wedding gift ideas. Below are some etiquette guidelines to consider when choosing a gift.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

Here a few wedding gift etiquette rules to keep in mind:

Do not mention gifts or gift registry or gift preferences on the wedding invitation. Use word-of-mouth or a wedding website. wedding gift etiquette, wedding gift amount etiquette, sending a wedding gift etiquette. Some stores have a web page for each couple, so guests can choose, pay, and send the gift directly online.

If you are having a wedding shower, you can mention your gift preferences on this invitation.

If you prefer cash or gift certificates as a wedding gift, let your guests know by word-of-mouth or on your wedding website.

Do not use or wear any of the wedding gifts before the wedding.

If you cancel your wedding, all gifts must be returned, including the wedding shower gifts.

For renewal of vows, gifts are not required. But they would be nice

And don’t forget to write thank you notes for each of your gifts!

Wedding Gift Ideas

Below you will find several sources for Wedding gifts. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, click on the store name to go directly to the store’s website to search more easily. You can also go to the couple’s registry for ideas, and then come back here to see if you can get your selected item at a better price.

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