Winter weddings can be the most romantic weddings of all. Hot cocoa, a warm crackling fire and rich holiday colors along with an abundance of resources due to the holiday season make this wedding season extremely popular. Although this looks beautiful and simple from afar, you need to consider the obstacles. First there is the weather. The wedding party, including the bride and groom will need to dress warm. The ladies will need wraps, tights, hand warmers, and long-hemmed dresses. The men may need coats, scarves and gloves; you will need indoor facilities, heaters, preparations for ice and snow or even rain. If it’s just too cold outside, you can always decorate the inside with white lights, lush garlands and greenery, swede, velvet, low-light candles, berries, and chenille. You can serve a warming soups and hot spicy dishes. Warm guests up with specialty coffees topped with whipped cream, hot chocolate with chocolate shavings and apple cider with cinnamon sticks.

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