Kids & Weddings: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Kids. You either love them or you hate them. For the most part, I think people love them and enjoy their presence. But when it comes to your big day – do you invite them or not? There are pro’s and con’s to incorporating/inviting children and I’ve listed the majority below. Just in case you need another perspective.

The Good

There’s nothing more adorable than little girls and boys dressed up in miniature gowns and tuxes. Children can bring such cuteness and playfulness to your wedding party. I have to admit, I always gush over the flower girls and ring bearers hesitantly making their way down the aisle. And it’s a time when the whole family is all dressed up – it’s a great photo opportunity for your family members. It’s a shame not to include everyone.

The Bad

Kids have a lot of energy. They will run, jump, yell, whine and crying. And when they get tired, the crankiness sets in. Obviously not all children act like that, but regardless of behavior, kids do need to be supervised. And weddings are an all-day affair, so it’s very tiring for little ones that typically get a nice mid-day nap.

The Ugly

You’ll need to factor in the feelings of the children’s parents and family as a whole. Take into consideration how they’ll feel leaving their children at home for 6-8 hours and having to pay a babysitter. Chances are their free babysitters (aka grandma) will be attending the soiree. If the majority of the family expects children to be invited, and they’re not… well, it could get ugly. You don’t want to fight this battle.

My advice? If you can afford it, invite the children in the family and hire a babysitter. That way, during the reception the kids can play in a supervised room off to the side while the parents can enjoy some adult time. And if you’re including ring bearers and flower girls in the wedding party, make sure someone is assigned to supervising them. Therefore, you won’t stress out trying to get them to walk down the aisle, it’ll be someone else’s responsibility (as it should be). It’s also very helpful to have the parents (if not in the party) to stay close by to assist with all the directions.

If anyone has any other advice or funny stories, please share!

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